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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment to Restore & Revitalize Your Confidence

Adipose-derived stem cells are the best natural choice to treat your erectile dysfunction.
Adipose-derived stem cell treatment is regarded as the new successful therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction due to many advantages:


Mesenchymal stem cell therapy is a tolerable, safe, and efficient treatment for erectile dysfunction.


Mesenchymal stem cells exert neuroregenerative effects, overcoming oral medications need for undamaged erection nerves.


Mesenchymal stem cell therapy can be combined with other approaches to promote the growth of new blood vessels and reduce cell destruction.


There are many autologous sources of mesenchymal stem cells, which are easy to isolate and expand.


Only 20 cc of fat are required; they are collected during a quick and painless outpatient procedure.


Mesenchymal stem cells not immediately utilized can be frozen and cryopreserved for future treatment.

In addition to using adipose-derived stem cells for treatment of erectile dysfunction, there are several other kinds of andrological disorders that can benefit from stem cell therapy, including the reconstruction of penile tissue, and the enlargement of the penis. Another potential application of adipose-derived stem cells is in steroid hormone therapy.

About Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is one of the most frequently reported medical condition in men. Defined as the chronic inability to achieve or sustain the erection, its prevalence varies across age group.
In general, 35% ca of men aged 60 and 50% ca of men older than 70 is affected by such a dysfunction; more in particular, in Asian samples its prevalence appears to increase in a linear way, with half of all men reporting some level of male dysfunction by age 50.

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Symptoms Erectile Dysfunction

  • Do not being able to get an erection every time that it is desired;
  • Do not having erection lasting long enough for an intercourse;
  • Do not being able to get an erection at any time.

To diagnose and effectively manage erection problems clinicians analyze men sexual, medical, and psychosocial history. In particular, physical examination should concentrate on genitourinary, vascular, and neurologic system.

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Risk Factors

Unhealthy living is associated with increased risk of erectile dysfunction.

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Erectile function is the result of a complex interplay between physiological and psychological factors.

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Stem cell-based Therapy

The new natural treatment of erectile dysfunction

Stem cell therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction consists in the injection of mesenchymal stem cells, a type of stem cells capable of self-renewal and of differentiating into multiple cell types.

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Our Centers of Genomics and Regenerative Medicine are based in Europe (Rome, Milan and San Marino) and Middle East (Dubai). We offer the most advanced personalized expanded adipose-derived stem cell therapies and Next Generation Sequencing genomic tests for solid cancer risk management. The premium service in Regenerative Medicine include cryopreservation and expansion of stem cells for personalized anti-aging treatments, aesthetic plastic surgery, hair regeneration and wound care.

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